YWCA Visit (Thu, Apr 3)

On Thursday April 3, 2014 Mr. Akkaya, Miss Veneable, Mr. K, Miss Ciccone, and the robotics team visited the YWCA. There they toured the facility and learned about several programs. The directors from the Housing, Youth Empowerment, and Child care departments expanded upon each section more in depth.

The HSAY robotics team then did a demonstration with their robots for the staff as well as the preschoolers. The Preschoolers enjoyed seeing the robot work and stack blocks. The staffs were impressed with the team work it took to control the robots and also with the student’s future goals.

We would like to thank Jenny Andrews, Leah Brooks, Janine Martindale, Anna Marie Barksdale, and Varada Bhide for allowing us to opportunity to visit their facility and putting the time in to teach us about the YWCA.

Miss Ciccone