The Ned Show at Horizon


HSAY recently had the pleasure of having “The NED Show” come to our school for what we can say was one of our best assemblies we have had to date!

“The NED Show” is a school-wide character education program that centers around the show’s name “NED”. “NED” is an acronym that stands for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best! Students learn about the character program by listening to an exciting story with dazzling yo-yo tricks about a boy traveling the world in a dream done by the programs narrator on stage. Our students listened with intent to discover that without goals in our lives and a strong will to accomplish them, we may never reach our full potential. They also discovered that along the way it is important to encourage others to reach their goals too because it makes the world around you a better place.

The NED Program doesn’t end there! The NED Program is a “pay it forward” show. Throughout the story the narrator teaches how to yo-yo, tricks you can do, and some safety tips as well. At the end of every show, yo-yo’s with the NED Programs acronym are given to each school to sell and to reinforce the shows meaning. All the money raised in the yo-yo sales goes to helping the NED Show travel the country performing and teaching it’s important lesson for free to school children.

Follow up on The Ned Show at home with NED parent resources available online. On this website you will find an overview of the program, printable resources and activities, and grade specific recaps to reinforce the program at home. Kids can visit the NED KIDZone website for yo-yo activities and videos. Want to learn some of the yo-yo tricks performed? Learn how on the NED SIX TRIX (PDF) instruction sheet.

HSAY wants to thank the NED Program for taking the time to come to our school! We are setting our goals for this year and following Ned’s motto to Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best!!!

Below are the photos of the assembly: