School of Excellence Award

On Friday, August 24th, we received a “School of Excellence” award from the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education (OCQE) for impressive student growth in math and reading. A special thank you goes out to Ron Adler of the OCQE for our recognition.

Congratulations to our teachers, our administration, our staff, and of course, our wonderful students and their families!


Pictured below are:

Front Row Left to Right:  Mrs. Christy – Assistant Principal for 6th-8th Grade, Ms. Santos – Dean of Students for 6th-8th Grade, Mrs. Bova – Dean of Students for K-5th Grades.

Back Row Left to Right:  Mr. Gorby – Assistant Principal for K-5th Grade, Mr. Kapki – Principal, Mr. Bora – Superintendent, Joe Calinger – Buckeye Hope Foundation, Ron Adler – OCQE



Horizon Science Academy Youngstown receives school of excellence award.