HSAY Celebrates Black History Month

On Friday, February 23rd, our 3rd graders held their annual “Living Wax Museum.” A living wax museum is a collection of visual displays where students dress like a famous historical person and give a speech representing their person to visitors. In honor of Black History Month, each 3rd grader chose a historical African American to research.

Miss Minnie, 3rd grade teacher and event organizer, had this to say:

“The third grade students worked really hard for the past two months learning the achievements and contributions of many significant and historical African American leaders. On February 23, the students put on their wax museum. It was a huge success! There were many important people represented, including Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Coleman, Harriet Tubman and so many more! The students did a FANTASTIC job representing such important people in history.”

Thank you to Miss Minnie for organizing the whole event and helping students learn about these amazing people!