Fall Fest 2019: Not Just Costumes and Candy

On Thursday, October 31st HSAY enjoyed our annual Fall Fest.  We enjoyed our K-4 Parade complete with costumes and candy! For some classes, though, they took the opportunity to incorporate fun learning activities.

Kindergarten took the opportunity to play with a real pumpkin.  They explored what a pumpkin was and what the parts of the pumpkin were.  Some had never looked inside a pumpkin before, and so it was pretty exciting for them. They used all five senses to “investigate” the pumpkin, and they also talked about their favorite foods made from pumpkin.

Third and fourth grade had story sharing.  Each student wrote a spooky story to go along with a picture. Then the classes visited each other and shared details about the stories with other classmates. This was a great exercise in creativity and communication.