Success Stories

Horizon Science Academy is helping my child to build a strong school culture and offer the solution necessary to ensure that children achieve the highest goals.
~Ms. Latif  9/5/2010
Dear HSAY,
We wanted to say “thank you” to all the staff for such a wonderful start to the school year.  Having just moved into Youngstown, we were so blessed to find HSAY that has the curriculum and atmosphere we were looking for close to home.
Thank you again,
Martin Family 10/19/2010
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown is such an unbelievable school to attend!  The small student body makes for more one on one communication with students, as well as their families.  And the staff is the greatest!  We are all a big family working towards one main goal, and that is the best education for your children.
Shannon Counts, Title One Teacher  02/15/2011
“As a parent of 4 children, Horizon Science Academy made the transition for my children a smooth and pleasant one.  The entire staff here is loving and caring and they make sure that the students’ needs are met.  Their primary focus is education and the staff makes sure that the students are pushed to exceed and excel in ALL they do.  I would highly recommend Horizon Science Academy Youngstown to anyone and everyone.  They are EXCELLENT!!!”
Mr. and Mrs. Holmes   9/30/2011
My name is Elaina and this is my daughter Deja and we would like to welcome you to our neighborhood.  We live three houses down from you.  I see you have school age children.  Have you decided on a school for your children yet?
Well I would like to tell you about my daughter’s school if you like.  Her school is a charter school called Horizon Science Academy in Youngstown.  Charter School’s are public schools that offer an alternative education without the fees of private schools with a better quality of education.
I enjoy Horizon Science Academy of Youngstown which is under concept schools management.  Concept schools are geared toward college prep courses.  They have 27 schools in 6 different states.
Concepts education equips their students with the academic and social skills needed to excel in the rigorous college prep curriculum they will face in middle and high school.  They also require all students to meet their clearly defined high expectations for academic achievement and conduct, regardless of the student’s background which I feel is very important, because I want Deja to have the best education so she can be productive and prepared for the future world no matter if we do live in the inner city.  Deja wants to be a doctor when she becomes an adult and I believe Horizon Science Academy Youngstown can prepare her for that because she would be accustomed to hard work, challenges and problem solving.
Horizon’s teaching staff is highly qualified which allow them to have different teaching tactics to reach all of their students that have different leaning styles or abilities.
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown also keep their students attention by tapping into their
creative abilities and interests with different clubs such as:
The cooking club
Spanish club
Dance club
Science fair
Ivy League
Horizon Science Academy offered a trip to Turkey for the students, families, and staff.  The Turkey Trip which allowed the students to be exposed to the future.  They also help their students with tutoring on Saturdays so they can pass their Ohio Academic Achievement test.  I love how Horizons staff care about their students as well as the families of the students by coming to your home and do home visits to have a better understanding of the child/students home life and environment.
They have an open door policy for the parents and the staff is wonderful, friendly, inviting, and warm.  There administration team and administrative assistant make you feel at home every time you come to school .
Horizon Science Academy Youngstown is truly a school where dreams come true and keep in mind that Horizon is in Academic Continuous improvement after being open for one school year.  I hope I gave you enough information to choose Horizon for your children.   They will be equipped for the work force because of all they’re being exposed to, including foreign languages as early as kindergarten.  Again, welcome to the neighborhood, and it was nice meeting you and your family.
Thank you,
Elaina Pierce
Dear Neighbor,
My name is Dawn King-Khoury.  I am a proud mother of 2 boys that have attended Horizon Science Academy in Youngstown Ohio.
Horizon is just Awesome in one word.  The staff is warm, welcoming, loving, friendly and always understanding to any situation.  You can really tell how much they care and take the time for each and every student.
It feels good when your child say “I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow”!
They also have a great educational reputation.   I can’t say enough about how the staff, children, and most parents work together to meet every child’s need.
Your child will love it, you will love it and they will love you and your child.  So go see them for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  I give them two thumbs up…!
Thank you,
Dawn King-Khoury
Why you Should Choose Horizon Science Academy Youngstown?
Many Schools in the Youngstown City area have been closing down and it makes it extremely difficult for parents to choose a school  for their children.,  Since my children began school they have attended three different elementary schools and I have experienced both good and bad times between them all but if I had to recommend any one of those schools to a fellow parent it would definitely be Horizon Science Academy.  My children became students at HSAY the very first year it opened and I have seen such improvement in many areas of my children’s education and their behavior.
First of all Horizon Science Academy provides a great atmosphere for all who goes there.  They are aware of their surroundings and ensure safety for their students and staff.  They have secured locked doors during the school day and they make sure that all visitors are identified before entering the building.  The school stays very clean and is in excellent condition.  When you walk in the hallways they are shining, sparkling and inviting.  Every time I have ever entered Horizon I was greeted with a big smile and a friendly face which makes me feel comfortable in knowing that my children are safe.  Although Horizon Science Academy have K-8 grade the school ensures that the children are with their appropriate age groups and they have different floors for certain grades.  This gives parents a piece of mind.  Knowing that kindergartens are not getting ran over or influenced by the older children.
The faculty at HSAY are just awesome.  They seem to really care about each student individually and know them all by name.  The teachers make sure to obtain a relationship with the parents and keep them involved in their children’s school work.  They teach the kids lessons that will prepare bright futures for the students that attend this school.  They offer courses that many of the other children at different schools don’t have a chance to experience.  HSAY offer spanish for all of their students K-8 and my children love being able to learn a foreign language this early in their lives.  They teach things that will enable our children to compete with other students by doing standardized State tests that the students strive to pass and succeed.  They provide encouragement to their students and give great incentives to top achieves which in turn will make all the students want to do their best.
HSAY also offers tutoring before and after school.  They even had saturday school for students who needed extra help with their school work.  They offer great after school programs and clubs including cooking, sports, chess and many other different activities.  They embrace all types of cultures so that our children can be well balanced and can understand that there are many different people and foods in the world.  The students at HSAY have he opportunity to to on great educational field trips that the children enjoy so much.
Although the students wear uniforms they are granted dress down days and certain days have themes that allow the kids to wear a certain color or piece of clothing like a hat or sport jersey.
There are so many great things about HSAY and I truly believe it is one of the best school’s in our area.  My children wake up every morning and can not wait to get to school in the morning and can not wait to get to school in the morning, alot is expected out of the children because alot is put into their future and it is so apparent that the faculty and students love it at HSAY.  Hopefully I have convince you that your child or children should enroll into HSAY because they honestly believe in ” No Child Left Behind”.
By Nikki Perkins
My name is Zalese Rushing and I am the parent of Andrew Rushing at Horizon Science Academy of Youngstown.
I am recommending Horizon Science Academy of Youngstown Ivy League Program for this grant.
The grant will help support our Ivy League Program, which values through critical thinking and preparing for my son’s future implementing Faith, courage compassion, integrity, forgiveness, gratitude and discipline.  In this program my son will be prepared to become contributing and nurturing members of the community.
As a parent we have goals set for our children the primary goal for Horizon’s Ivy League Program is to see that every child is provided with a quality education.   Ivy League students are not to fall behind.  The teachers will use various strategies and different educational approach to provide the education to all Ivy League children.
Such as:
  • A demonstrated set of academic skills
  • Experience in community service
  • A clear awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens demonstrating a nurturing contribution to the community
My experience with such a fascinating Charter school is they believe that people are empowered  by their knowledge, my child’s use of information and the ability to communicate and share resources in our local national and global communities is very important to me.  My son will be well-rounded, have a balanced education that will prepare him for success in higher education and the world of work.
Please consider this school for the grant funding.  This grant will foster a partnership among the school, families and the community by utilizing resources and programs.
Horizon Science Academy of Youngstown, mission is to provide a flexible Ivy League academic program that will ensure Ivy League students are prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to live, and to be successful in an evolving, global society.
Thank you for your time in advance,
ZaLese Rushing
I like the staff and the goals they set for the students at Horizon Science Academy Youngstown.  I am very pleased with the education my child is receiving at Horizon Science Academy Youngstown.
Mr. Butler
Parent of a 1st grader